Acetylene Plants

Our company designs and develops acetylene plants in technical collaboration with 'Felice Mandressi' of Italy. Acetylene (C2H2) is a compound of carbon and hydrogen and is a colorless, garlic-like odor and highly flammable gas. A chemical reaction between the calcium carbide and water creates the gas. Capacity ranging from 25 m3/hour to 100 m3/hour, so our customers can choose capacity as per the requirement. We bring a qualitative range of acetylene generating plants by employing technology along with design and drawing of international market.

All weld joints of our plants are subject to dp test at every layer 100% radiography and then finally subjected to hydraulic test. We have a quality controller team to check each manufacturing process in order to provide exceptional plants and thus avoid customer grievances. Our acetylene making machine is highly safe and dependable, and is fully automatic as it is provided with a central control panel and is completely digitally controlled.

Salient Features

  • Robust design for trouble free working
  • No bulky gas holder required
  • Automatic controls for feeding water
  • Fully automatic functioning
  • Maintaining temperatures, pressures, and slurry drain are full proof, efficient and are of international standard
  • Due to Skid Mounted design no special civil foundation required
  • Excellent absorption of gas in cylinders

We foster a team of qualified engineers, enriched with an extensive experience in their respective fields of designing manufacturing installation and commissioning of different types of acetylene generating system. The merger of the latest technology with skilled manpower has enabled us to design, develop and supply high quality products and serve a large clientele base. Our customers are located all over the world and they are happy with our products along with customers support and other services.

Once our plant reaches the destination country, we send our engineer to commission and install it as per the user manual accompanying the plant. He also gives training to run the plant. Being fully automatic, anyone even without any technical degree or experience can run it. It functions automatically. If it meets with any error, it informs the operator either by creating sound or flushing light.

Description of acetylene generating plant

Acetylene Generation: Our fully automatic acetylene generator performs to monitor and control temperature, pressure and level. Acetylene is generated by having reaction between calcium carbide and water.

Acetylene Purification: In the acetylene purification system, raw acetylene gas is purified. In fact, the gas is condensed, dried, purified and then scrubbed.

Acetylene Gas Compression: In the procedure, the purified acetylene gas is compressed to the required pressure via a fully automatic flame proof acetylene compressor. Thereafter, the gas has to pass through a high pressure drier.

Acetylene Cylinder Filling: After purification and compression of the gas, it is filled in cylinders directly.

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